Class appropriate clothing or what I like to call “lecture apparel” typically consists of gymies, sweatpants and an oversized sweatshirt with Herky on it. While grey sweatpants are extra cozy, there’s a reason they aren’t featured during fashion week. Due to their ill-fitting ways, most students look like they are drowning in cotton and polyester without any body shape. Don’t get me wrong, I love being as comfy as the next girl when getting ready for a three hour lecture but there are many ways to do so in a fashionable way!

I spotted this Fashionista on her way to her last class of the day on Thursday. Her blush colored swing skirt is what initially caught my eye and after approaching her, the lace detail on her white-cropped top definitely makes this outfit one-of-a-kind. I love how she paired a feminine top and a girly skirt with beige rugged combat boots. Instead of zipping and tying up the boots, this Fashionista kept things casual by leaving half of the laces out and unzipping the tops of the boots.

Aside from her beige cocktail ring, her jewelry is minimal and her hair is kept soft and natural. Her ring really brings this ensemble together without taking away from the outfit. Ring’s similar to this Fashionista’s can be found on sites like Polyvore and handmade ones on Etsy while Steve Madden and Aldo have designed countless styles for combat boots!

Swing skirts have made multiple comebacks since the 1950s due to their flattering shape and ladylike fit. Similar skirts can be found on NASTY GAL or can even be handmade by following the directions on for the crafty Fashionista.

Lace cropped tops are popular on sites like ASOS and Topshop and can be paired with high-waisted hot shorts or cut offs for a more casual look. Another popular trend to try is to layer it over a sheer body suit and paired with high-waisted denim to be more classroom appropriate.

It’s easy to reach for sweats when running out the door at 9:30 on a Friday morning, but why not take the extra five minutes to put something together that shows off your Fashionista intellect.

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