STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Consistency And Coordination

Though the age old tradition of color coordination and matching accessories has been overlooked recently, replaced by wild patterns, color blocking and eye-catching accents, this CollegeFashionista shows us how some color consistency can create a cute and simple look. While still displaying today’s love for eccentric patterns in her cream colored skirt, she keeps the ensemble true to the roots of coordination with a purple knit sweater, complemented with a matching cross-body bag. Of course there are times when this fashion can be outdone, however with the right hints of hues an outfit can go from busy to balanced in the blink of an eye.

Although this Fashionista uses a cross-body bag to accompany the purple sweater, there are several different ways to emphasize color with the use of accessories. To get a look with just enough repetitive color, try colored jeans, like toothpick ankle jeans in a blue grotto from J.Crew matched with an oval focal statement necklace or Ashley Bow Ballet Flat in royal blue from Banana Republic. This could be paired with a simple black and white striped shirt or another simple pattern to draw in the propriety of the old with the excitement of the new.

Consistency and coordination of vibrant colors does not make an outfit boring or predictable, it simply adds a classic touch to pull together a more modern look.

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