Remember Hush Puppies, an American brand that made the basset hound an icon? You may have sported them as a young kid when dressed in your Sunday’s best or noticed your father wearing them for casual Fridays at the office. At least for me, vivid memories of my parents saying, “We should scotch guard your Hush Puppies before school starts,” bring back the days at Catholic school. They were the all-American brush suede shoe that populated the children of the ‘90s and at a point in time, were worn by everyone. Interestingly enough, the brand plummeted into the ground in 1994, so far gone that Wolverine Worldwide was about to shut the business down. That is, until a group of New York “hipsters” starting wearing them around East Village and Soho. Like wild fire, Hush Puppies dominated the streets of New York City and the trend soon trickled through every type of social group, hipster or not.

Similar to the Hush Puppy brand, Ray-Ban Wayfarers are known to have been originally referenced as a “hipster” wardrobe staple. One may wonder how trends transpire and what makes timeless classics like Wayfarers and Hush Puppies are adored by different social groups. My theory lies within the belief that people who originally sport the trend, strive to differentiate themselves, making the trend seem cool in a James Dean sort of way. Designed by Raymond Stegeman in 1952, the Ray-Ban Wayfarer shifted the current optical trends from the thin, wiry frames to the Wayfarer's chunky and rebellious aesthetic. Starlets from Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn sported the trend and soon Wayfarers became a symbol of American fashion. 

Today, it’s easy to spot Fashionista/os wearing the iconic accessory. This Fashionista perfects the cool, understated vibe that Ray-Bans are defined by. To really make Wayfarers stand out, attach a chain to the sides of the glasses, giving way to a functional and convenient aspect of the accessory. Overall, today’s Fashionista works classic pieces such as the Wayfarers and oxford flats into a modernly masculine and brilliantly quirky ensemble. All the while, the leopard print jacket is trendy in a way that keeps the stylish Fashionista looking feminine and playful. This Ark & Co. blazer is perfect for Fashionsitas who want a similar look but want to try a more drastic approach on animal print. Take note from today's Fashionista and give some American classics a try.

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