STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Coral Me Fashionable

My usual wardrobe consists of neutral color dresses ranging from beige to black accessorized with statement jewelry to give the outfit some character. But this summer, my goal is to add more color into my closet. My obsession with little black dresses is great for bridal showers or summer barbecues, but this summer I want to stand out. I plan on achieving this goal but incorporating hints of color into my summer dresses and shoes. It also doesn’t hurt that a little bit of color can help your healthy tan stand out.

This Fashionista combines my love of a simple strapless, slate gray dress and makes it summer time appropriate with a hint of coral pink. The coral pink piping around the bodice not only gives the dress a hint of color, but it helps give the dress shape. Since the piping stops at the waist, it creates a small waist and full skirt. A full skirt is great for all Fashionistas who are looking to create an hourglass body shape.

What I love most about this Fashionista’s outfit is that she matches all of her accessories from head-to-toe. Her coral pink and slate gray color blocking heels complement the dress. To achieve this look, Sam Edelman's Yelena shoes are a perfect summer heel with different color combinations to choose from. With so much gray in her dress, this Fashionista does a great job balancing the color. She does so by choosing a shoe that is opposite of the dress. This Fashionista made sure to style her outfit so that one color would not overpower the other. To tie the outfit together, this Fashionista slipped on a coral pink bracelet. The matching of the dress and shoes makes this dress ready for any party, bridal shower or a graduation party.

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