Spring for D&G 2010 introduced the sexy country girl with a parade of denim, leather ruffles, and floral prints. The look is sweet with an edge and the quintessential summer girl. It’s about time someone found the in between of the simplicity in farmer flair to the chic modern twist to city appeal. There is an air of childlike femininity where in an instant one can run through a field of wheat and equally strut through the concrete jungle still looking effortless. This Fashionista beneath the sunlight shined a fantastic ensemble of patch work denim shorts, ruffle top, crop jacket, with alluring turquoise detail with her accessories. The look is on the go but with effort…casual wear in the heat doesn’t always mean loosey goosey.

Create a silhouette and balance it out with still keeping cool but with high quality. I took notice of the shorts that had great pattern decoration with little fields of sequence. It has charm and added with the top it’s easy going and fun. I also adore the little bits of colors enhanced from her necklace and sandals. When wearing mainly neutral tones it’s a canvas the propels and drop of color. The outwear is what converts its translation. The current jacket is the perfect top of to proceed your day with errands like groceries or being indoors in class all day. If she were in a blazer and a dashing pair of heels she can be headed out for more entertaining festivities.

So no matter what time of day you’re around the town, count your patches it’s your ticket in for a fabulous moment and outfit.

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