There are certain things that are on every college student’s wardrobe checklist. For starters, a comfortable pair of shoes for walking to class. Also on that list: headphones, a cozy sweater, the essential white T-shirt and most likely a bag of sort. This past fall semester, the hype seemed to be surrounding the resurgence of backpacks around campus. This semester, gears have shifted over to the cross body bag.

This Fashionista demonstrates how easy and functional this long strapped bag is to wear. While this style bag isn't anything shockingly new in the world of fashion, it still catches my eye every time I see it worn right. With the hands-free option presented by today's Fashionista she is able to answer calls, hold a coffee and do just about anything while trying to make it to class.

This semester, don't let your bag get in the way of things by mimicking today's Fashionista and her cross body bag.

Hint: Nobody makes a cross body bag quite like Rebecca Minkoff. Check out my favorite one

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