Style Guru Bio: Courtney Wylie

My name is Courtney Wylie and this fall will be my third term as CollegeFashionista's Drexel Style Guru. I’m more than honored to be Drexel University’s pioneer Style Guru and I have already gained a world of knowledge through my participation with CollegeFashionista. Not only have I become more open minded when choosing my wardrobe pieces each day, but I’ve also come to appreciate other Fashionista’s individual styles, too. In the past, I have stuck with traditional neutrals but this fall I’m attempting to make my wardrobe transform from my everyday black and neutral ensembles to a palette of warm hues complemented by outrageous prints. My favorite trends for fall include the tailored pant, geometric prints and of course, peplum anything. I will be reporting every Monday with my STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK column, showcasing the ongoing trends that dot Drexel University’s fashionably diverse campus.

As the king of fashion, Tom Ford, once said, “Style isn’t about money. You can have no money and have great style; you can have a lot of money and have great style, but more often when you have a lot of money, you don’t have great style.” I feel compelled to agree with Mr. Ford. I believe style is personal and has little correlation with the amount of wealth an individual contains. My favorite part about everyday style is that it's a way of expressing one's self without having to say a word.

As a typical college student, I draw my fashion inspiration from what I spot on the streets with a combination of trying to emulate high fashion trends seen on the runways. Personally, I tend to dress for a busy schedule but my style can be defined by clean, tailored lines, bold accesories and a wardrobe consisting of equal parts edginess and lush, feminine pieces.

I love discovering new trends and I thoroughly enjoy living in a melting pot full of different cultures and elements of style, such as Philadelphia. I consider myself lucky to have access to the sidewalks of the City of Brotherly Love and I take the opportunity to notice the edgy fashion and eclectic style that fits the residents here.

In life, dressing appropriately for every occasion and expressing yourself through originality is one of the most important rules a Fashionista/o could follow. Exhibit your everyday wardrobe in fun and creative ways by staying true to yourself and you’ll never go wrong!

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