STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Cover Up With Cardigans

The weather is finally dropping below the 90s here in Tempe, and the change in temperature has made a noticeable impact on everyone’s wardrobe around campus. Students are layering cardigans over tank tops or T-shirts for an outfit that can take them from a chilly morning to a warmer afternoon. This week’s Fashionista has great sense when it comes to throwing a cardigan over top. Her striped cardigan is layered over a cute graphic T-shirt from H&M. I also love the fact that she’s smartly layered a pair of tweed shorts over black tights. Her leopard loafers, laptop carrier and chic leather shoulder bag finish off the look well.

My style advice of the week is to layer a loose-fitting cardigan over an outfit for warmth. Cardigans are an essential item to every wardrobe. They’re generally lightweight, which makes them easy to throw in your school bag to wear for later and yet so warm and cozy when needed. Not to mention they come in a variety of colors and patterns, which can add depth to a plain-Jane outfit. I particularly love striped cardigans; much like the one on this week’s featured Fashionista. My favorite ones that I’ve seen so far this season are the Striped Double Breasted Cardigan from Forever 21 and the BDG Shoulder Striped Cardigan from Urban Outfitters.

Hint: If you’re looking to jazz up an old cardigan from last year, try changing out the buttons. Craft stores like JoAnn and Michaels sell a great selection of quirky and unique buttons. Simply cut the old ones off and sew the new ones on for a completely new (and personalized) cardigan!

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