STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Cowboy Fringe Tassels

No, we’re not in the 19th century with cowboys and cowgirls on the streets, but who said that fringe tassels can’t be well used now a days? According to BestFashionStyles, that detail (that can turn into an extra accessory) was first created for drying purposes and now is “strictly decorative”.

This Fashionista was just heading to the Rock in Rio festival. The day that icons like Joss Stone, Stevie Wonder and Jamiroquai were going to play. She told me she was going mainly for seeing Stevie Wonder and this singer mixed with her style just reminded me about Jimi Hendrix — an icon that wore the fringed style in the '60s. (A funny curiosity is that the singer of Jamiroquai went dressed like an Indian. Well, fringe was something that the cowboys agreed with them.) I’m sure she enjoyed the show dancing, shaking and having fun, and her movements were, certainly, emphasized with the fringe tassels hovering the air.

Dressed up with Farm’s jeans shorts, AD Life Style’s top tank, Eclectic’s one shoulder shirt and beautiful slit oxford that were giving her a casual and comfortable charming environment. Her bag, that was the inspiration for the column, has an interesting thing besides the beauty. From Smartbag, a firm that ensures that their product are sustainable since they have large investment in that area with researches and studies, the Fashionista can look good and act good before nature worries.

It is a cute composition and kind of an elegant casual with all the delicacy for feminine and girlishness grace. 

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