I am a sucker for Navajo, so when I saw this Fashionista on her way to ballet in this t-shirt I couldn’t resist. After a winter season (thank you, Pendleton/Opening Ceremony) of robust Navajo prints on heavy wool and deep stained leather trim, this Fashionista shows how to translate the Navajo trend into the spring. The off-white or eggshell base of the shirt and its sparse print contributes to its light and clean summer feel. For a similar style try Urban Outfitters. Her jean jacket and bandana completes the western theme that she started with the t-shirt. The bandana, worn like this Fashionista, is an excellent way to add a little extra interest to pulled back hair. For those who have thin hair or need extra security, stick a few criss-crossing bobby pins into the sides of your bandana. This Fashionista wears her Cowboy and Indian ensemble multi-purposely as a ballet cover-up. She keeps it simple over her black tights with a flowy black skirt. And finally, chooses Keds that compliment the color of her shirt and are a steadfast easy and comfortable footwear option. 

After sitting down to write this post I realized that I must have been drawn to this Fashionista’s outfit, not only because of the Navajo but, because of how reminiscent it is of the hoards of Coachella pictures that that have been cropping up across the internet this week. For instance, this music festival Fashionista also dons the Navajo trend, but picks an even more subtle and washed out print. On the same vein, Garance Dore posted a series of beautiful pictures from her “California Diary,” check them out! 


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