Any college student knows that there’s nothing worse than walking to class on the opposite end of campus with cold winds blowing and below zero temperatures. Sometimes the last thing on our minds in this frigid weather, especially after a long night of studying, is dressing chic and fashion-forward…but it doesn’t have to be!

This Fashionista shows us how to dress for the occasion in her long and cozy H&M jacket. It’s a winter must-have during this time of year, especially because it’s easy to grab and run off to class with, which saves time if we oversleep a bit. Her deep, emerald green chunky knit sweater, again from H&M, has been a popular trend this season. Not only is it chic and gives off great warmth, but it can also be worn with almost anything. Dress it up with jewels at night or pair it with jeans and tall boots during the day like this Fashionista.

This sense of versatility is key, especially for Fashionistas who live in dorm rooms and have limited closet space. It’s important to choose items that can be worn more than once in many different ways. Her brown and black LongChamp tote for exemple will match any outfit. It’s extremely functional, easy to fill up and large enough for books.

It’s not easy being a Fashionable college student on a budget with small space. This winter, it’s all about accessible pieces. Long fuzzy jackets and chunky sweaters are definitely winter-must haves for northern girls, keeping us cozy, cute and comfortable all at the same time.


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