STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Cozy Tribal Sweaters

The first week or so after the switch to daylight savings time, is my least favorite week of the year. While I do love the extra hour of sleep as much as the next sleep-deprived college student, falling back an hour really messes me up. It starts to get dark at 4:30pm these days and by the time I’m on the bus home from school it’s dark and dreary. Not to mention that the probability of snow is in the air. This just makes me want to eat everything in sight and then hibernate, bear style, until warmer spring weather. Bearing this in mind (pardon the pun), when I spotted this bright sweater cheering up the campus, I knew I had to grab a shot.

Tribal prints were a staple of my wardrobe for pretty much all of the summer. They are fun, easy, colorful, and great for music festivals. But I, like a chump have retired a lot of my articles in favor of a more dour and monochromatic color scheme for fall/winter. The vibrant and cheery blue, fuchsia, and white of this sweater, is the perfect reminder that we should not settle into dullness during the month of November. Embrace tribal prints and stay warm and cozy? Yes.

I love the way that this Fashionista has let this cardigan do the talking by paring it with an otherwise neutral ensemble. Here, she wears black, but try a jaunty colorful pull-over with jeans as well. Sweaters are a very broad category, so they are of course all over the fall/winter runways. However, colorful ones are around in a big way. Urban outfitters is my go-to tribal print destination so pick one up here. For something a little more toned down, try this Also, this is not a tribal print sweater is just really super cool. 



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