STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Craving the Classics

Welcome to autumn, Fashionistas! The chill in the air is finally here and it has woken me up to all sorts of sartorial possibilities. I have images of Ralph Lauren and L.L. Bean running through my mind as I stroll through campus this time of year. There is something about this particular season that makes me crave classic clothing. And of course I want to layer it on all at once. I love a timeless and undeniably chic look. You know, the outfits that can be photographed and not be embarrassing twenty years later.

I spotted this Fashionista outside of a coffee shop and immediately had to photograph her. Her crisp white shirt balanced perfectly with her dotted high-waist shorts. Her accessory choices were simple, but they stood out in a great way. I love that she had her sunglasses clipped to her shirt and that she paired a great brown belt with black flats. I highly encourage all of you to try mixing brown and black this season. What took me most by surprise were her dainty feather earrings – classic with an edge.

Take a note from this Fashionista and play up your favorite classic pieces. Layer on knits and flannels as well as chambray and leather. Why wear one sweater when you can pile on two? Add a great belt or pair of boots to incorporate a rustic feel. There are so many ways in which clothes that are considered classic can be worn this season. It’s time to get in touch with your inner countryside lover. My suggestions? Dark wash jeans with knee-high socks and leather boots, a long dress with tights and boots, long sleeve shirts layered under flannel and oversized sweaters paired with jeans and flats. Go to your wardrobe and pull out your most favorite pieces. See if you can layer them in an interesting and comfortable way. I can guarantee you’ll think of something great. Enjoy the natural reds, oranges and yellows falling all around you. Let the crisp air and apple cider inspire you. Layer up and stay classic, Fashionistas.

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