STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Crazy For Circle Scarves

The year is coming to a close as finals week is upon us. Ironically, as we end this school year the weather seems to be rewinding back to the fall. Instead of wearing summer dresses and shorts, these last couple of days, I have had to go searching around the back of my closet for sweaters and leggings. I guess I should not be complaining since I would rather be stuck in the library without the distraction of nice weather outside.

Ironically, leaving the library, I spotted this week’s Fashionista dressed for studying, but also very stylish. She is sporting a circle scarf, a cargo inspired gray jacket, a button down cream top, leggings and to the knee black boots. She looks adorable in this ensemble. The piece that I love most about this outfit is the scarf. I am all about adding an extra piece like a scarf to an outfit. Furthermore, the jacket adds a layered look. Especially in this unpredictable weather, layering is definitely the way to go. Lastly, when I look at this week’s Fashionista’s boots, I think of a horseback rider's black show boots. The sleekness in the height and the style add a polished look to her relaxed outfit.

Many elements from this week’s fashionista appeared on the fall 2012 runways. In regards to the circle scarf, Elizabeth and James fall 2012 collection combined a silk pajama set with a green fur circle scarf. These two contradictory pieces seem to fit together when displayed under the Elizabeth and James name. I have to reveal by bias though. I am a huge Mary Kate and Ashley fan stemming back from the TV series ‘Full House.’ Not only as actresses, but I also really respect their fashion sense and style. Their collections, Elizabeth and James and The Row, are two of my favorites. Regardless, the circle scarf is displayed similarly to this week's Fashionista and both looks work well. Additionally, fall 2012 saw a lot of layering. Specifically in BCBGMAXAZRIA fall 2012 fashion show. There were a lot of oversized pieces layered on top of each other. One look consisted of a quarter sleeved gray and coral dress underneath a vest with fur accents. At first look however, it looked like one overwhelming piece, until you look again and realized that there were separate pieces. if anything these looks are definitely an interesting styling choice.

If you like us in Ohio are experiencing some unusually cold weather, bring out your scarfs to keep warm during finals!



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