This season we have seen skirts become a main focus in the high street fashion collections, from short skirts to full length maxis, midi skirts, Aztec patterned skirts, high-waisted skirts, floaty skirts, pencil skirts and lastly the infamous mixi skirt which has taken the high street shops by storm.

Just when we thought there were enough skirt selections for everyone to choose from, this Fashionista has proven us wrong with her beautiful purple and orange patterned asymmetric, jagged edge skirt. She has layered her skirt brilliantly adding the thick cotton tights and long-sleeved black top as a base layer, adding colour with her top layers. Her purple slouchy jumper combined with the skirt has a very bohemian feel, which she accentuates with her long chained pendant and simple yet noticeable gold and black feather earrings. The orange scarf ties in perfectly with the orange in the skirt and the colour of the pendant, giving her attire a colour pop. The slouched one shoulder bag further adds to this Fashionista’s laid back bohemian look.

She has demonstrated her creative side by pinching in the otherwise oversized jumper with a large safety pin in the right hand bottom corner. This adds texture to the jumper and femininity. This is a great idea as otherwise oversized long jumpers can sometimes have a swamping effect, especially when paired with a floaty skirt beneath.

For something similar there are some simpler options from Topshop, in a light chiffon grey or beige. For the bohemian feel remember to layer and add some statement jewellery. Try to avoid modern pieces and instead aim as this Fashionista has for a pendant, some feather earrings and even some metallic bangles. Don’t be afraid to mix colours as this Fashionista has with her scarf.

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