STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Creatively Crochet

My passion for creativity and creating sparked at a very young age. I remember watching my grandmother knit scarves and beanies with yarn and two crochet hooks. I was fascinated by the intricate details that were created before my very eyes. Thanks to my grandma’s knitting, I began to appreciate the details that really make clothing unique.

This Fashionista’s sweet ensemble caught my attention not only because of its stunning color, but also because of the crochet pattern. The tightly knit details were reminiscent of buttons which added a playful element to the A-line dress. Keep in mind when wearing such elaborate detailing to offset the outfit with neutrals. All focus should be drawn on the beautiful pattern. This Fashionista smartly paired her dress with a simple brown belt and a complementary color in her sandals.

This crochet maxi by Free People offers a unique pattern that is appealing to the eye and can be worn during fall and summer. What’s great about crochet is its versatility, not only in seasons but also in medium. From this adorable pair of shorts to this great pair of shoes from Topshop, which are also perfect for fall and winter. Who would not want this simple and chic crochet vest from Brandy Melville that would make any outfit stand out? Simply pair it with skinny jeans and black booties and your outfit will have a great statement piece. Right now is the perfect time to hunt down those special crochet items that will enhance your everyday wardrobe.

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