Fall is quickly sneaking up on us! So here, in the beautiful District of Columbia, the women of The George Washington University are beginning to change up their style. We’re seeing more neutral and darker colors, pants, jackets and even some long-sleeves, on occasion. In the spirit of the emergence of fall, I spotted this classy Fashionista leaving a lecture one afternoon. To me, her outfit defines the classic beginning-of-fall look. 

This Fashionista is working a black blazer with detailed cuffs, a black tank, hunter green skinny jeans, nude pumps and adorable earrings. My favorite part of this outfit are her jeans. Colored jeans have been a trend for quite some time now, but rarely do we see colored jeans in fall colors. Next, the floral detail on her blazer adds a cute pop of color. Florals, surprisingly enough, are said to be a trend for this fall, though they’re commonly considered a staple for spring. And finally, the bow earrings that this Fashionista is wearing really add to the crisp feeling of this look. Though one might take an initial look at this outfit and think of it as something very simple, they will quickly discover the fun little twists within.

One of my requirements for an outfit is that it is something that is not too difficult or strenuous to wear. With and outfit like this, you can throw it together in ten minutes and run out the door looking fabulous. Your only requirements: a great pair of jeans and a cool blazer. These are both pieces that you will repeatedly use – don’t be afraid to invest in these items! Instead of having a simple blazer with a detailed cuff, you could also go for a great tweed blazer (one of my favorite forms of outerwear). When it comes to jeans for the fall months, it's best to keep the colors neutral or dark. However that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Try a teal or maroon jean instead. Such colored denim is easier to find than you think.

As a California girl, I know that I am anxious to experience the change in seasons here in Washington, DC. With fall riding on our tails, I can’t wait to see more fabulous looks like this one around campus!

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