STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Crop, Lock and Drop It

Trends are a blessing and a curse — they look so cute! But on the other hand, how does one really work a peplum or other super-hip trend into an every day look? To me, crop tops have always been in the center of the cute/hard to wear Venn diagram. I own about ten of them, and always look at them longingly in my dresser, but sometimes I’m just not on board to show off my rock hard abs (let’s just say that finals and exposed skin shouldn’t mix).

But never fear! There’s a way to wear your cropped items without putting yourself on display. Take a cue from this week’s Fashionista and layer a cropped top or sweater over a dress for a multi-dimensional, skirt and shirt look. You can also achieve a similar look by pairing your cropped top with a high-waisted skirt.  Feeling inspired? Try pairing this white cropped button-down with a seersucker shirt for a cute and preppy look. Or if you’re feeling a little edgier, pair a lacy crop top with a geometric bodycon dress.

So go forth in the world, layering the items existing in your wardrobe in unexpected ways to create entirely new outfits. It’s almost like going shopping without having to spend money. But however you choose to wear this combination, celebrate the fact that you can wear crop tops without worrying whether a cool breeze will cover your midriff in goose bumps. That’s what I call a premium fashion realization!

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