I’m sure that many of you can agree that college students these days continue to push the boundaries of what is appropriate with low-cut tops and mini skirts. However, a new trend that has been on the fashion radar for quite awhile is proving that you can be both subtly sexy and chic – cutouts. By showing some skin in unconventional places such as your shoulders or mid-back, you can attain a look that is equal parts edgy and intriguing.

With her black cutout top, this Fashionista’s look captures the essence of this trend. The intricate, yet bold cutout pattern demonstrates just how powerful this look can be, without being too overwhelming. She continues with the cutout look with her nude strappy wedges, which juxtaposed on her solid black socks make for a true fashion statement. I would also like to point out the genius of the shorts. The pale plum color looks excellent against the darker backdrop and really brings the outfit to life.

The great thing about cutouts is that you can easily create your own pieces. Your possibilities are endless when you take an old T-shirt and begin cutting away. However, there are also many premade options out there on the market. For example, this Pencey leopard print denim cutout dress from Shopbop is absolutely to die for. Everything from the side cutouts to the frayed edges make this a piece that will become distinctively yours. Urban Outfitters, known for its casual urban style, also has a multitude of cutout pieces, such as this Motel printed “Lesley” dress and this Pins and Needles silky pleated back cutout dress. Just remember that at the end of the day, there are ways to show some skin while maintaining a degree of taste and class.

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