There was a time where I sincerely hated wearing corduroy. As a kid it was a clothing equivalent hint that we had to go somewhere special and dress nice in something that made me feel heavy and couldn’t run around and play in. Then later I thought it was meant for couches and what my grandfather wore. It’s 2010 and I’ve gotten the hint now the times have changed along with my style and it’s the right moment and season to get reunited with this dashing fabric. Corduroy is a fully textured material that is underlined with a sincere touch of classic appeal, handsome finishing, and a hint of the unexpected. Don’t be alarmed there are fantastic ways of putting pieces together and looking oh so chic. 

Today's Fashionista donned a neutral toned corduroy blazer with chambray shirt and rusted buckle shoes. She looks smart and the full look is an effortless California curtsey to a somewhat oxford staple. The best way to recharge essentials that may seem dated is to wear is casual and mixing it up. The best part is cords nowadays aren’t just limited to pants there are rows of options just like in the material. Try shorts, a dress, a jacket, a skirt even leggings! What I enjoy the most about corduroy is that it naturally gives a sense of warmth both physically and visually. The velveteen whisper is perfect for fall, holidays, and orange leaved canopies. Keep the looks effortless with light additions and simple touches to make a stand out approach.

Don’t overload know when to cut the cord and look like this seasons perfection.

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