Bad habits. We all try to kick ‘em around New Year’s, but they always seem to boomerang back by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around. Some people bite their nails. Others incessantly twirl their hair. Mine is a little more unusual but inconvenient nevertheless. I habitually throw away the extra buttons that are attached to the tags of new apparel. Thus, when I inevitably pop a button off of a beloved blouse or coat, I either have to kiss it goodbye or sew on a whole new set.

Here’s the real ironic twist: Button detailing is one of my favorite features on any item of clothing. When I’m out shopping, I very often find myself gravitating towards coats, shirts, pants, even necklaces that feature an abundance of buttons!  Hence, I simply couldn’t resist asking this Fashionista for a photo when I caught a glance of the button detailing in the pleat of her coat.  

We often think that buttons serve merely a functional purpose, but consistently over the past few seasons, they have popped up in fashion in a more decorative manner. Buttons add a subtle detail to simple items without making an overly flashy statement. Sailor pants have made a huge comeback with the increased popularity of high-waisted pants; try them with a simple T-shirt and a cropped vest. Or opt for a large-buttoned peacoat for a more classic look, or for the smallest of additions, try out a pair of socks like these to peep out on top of tall boots!

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