Attitudes, character and personality are a huge factor to whether or not a Fashionista’s look is dull or down right fabulous. That’s the beauty of fashion. You can use the pieces in your closet to evoke an emotion or attitude that you’re feeling. Crazy Monday have you feeling hectic? Let your peers know by sporting a jewel-toned ensemble complete with funky hair and a leather bomber. Tired on a Tuesday? A cozy sweater and boyfriend jeans will let your teachers no you aren’t totally ready to hone in on small-group communication, existentialism or the biology of a plant. And although I love the demure, coy and buxom looks we can create with fun and funky pieces, there’s nothing better than when a Fashionistas sterling smile goes hand in hand with her stellar ensemble.

This week’s Fashionista shines in a simple look with a killer combination of basics and a unbelievable cute demeanor to go along with her Fashion genius. Pairing a basic, cotton dress with thick tights, rain boats and a leather belt, this Fashionista translates cute and comfy with her practical pieces.  The muted tones create a cohesive look while allowing her smile to shine without any fussy pieces. The leather belt is the perfect accessory to create a definitive waist. Using accessories to cinch your waist, whether they be a fun scarf or traditional belt, can manipulate your silhouette in the way that you prefer.

To recreate this look, try pairing a loose-fitted dress with a thick pair of tights. Although nylons can create a seriously sexy look, thick tights are perfect for the incoming chilly temperature and super comfortable for running around campus. Grab a simple belt or maybe your Grandma’s vintage scarf and tie around your wait, wherever you feel most comfortable. Throw on a pair of Hunter’s, grab your umbrella and you’ll be ready for any kind of winter weather in a cute and comfy outfit.

Take a cue from this Fashionista and don’t forget your most important accessory, a spunky smile.

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