While Nelly's “Hot in Herre,” might have jumped to conclusions, it’s no joke that the daily 102 degrees in Louisiana is starting to become unbearable. Not to mention it makes putting together a trendy outfit without showing sweat stains that much more challenging. I spotted this CollegeFashionista wearing an ensemble that had cut outs galore, which the fashion gods, I believe, made trendy just for these types of record-breaking heat days.

The first thing I noticed was her high-wasted shorts paired with a pale pink crop top. Then she turned around and I saw the surprise element: cut outs. Not only in the back of her shirt, but her shoes had them also.The best part about cut outs is its versatility: designs range from modest to ultra-revealing. Fendi and Marios Schwab are just a few designers showcasing this trend in their spring collections. 

Now if your looking to copy this look so you can earn yourself some cool points in both areas of fashion and weather, Urban Outfitters has many options for a shirt that fits your style. Even if you’re more of a dress wearin’ type of girl, ASOS has many ranging from boho daytime cutout to the dressier date night attire.

Many dread the thought of even looking through their closet knowing the walk to class will be as hot as ever. While it sounds tempting to “take off all your clothes,” try cutting out the heat by strutting this summer's latest trend.

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