A forecast of 70 degrees and sunny in Iowa City in November is unheard of. I spotted this Fashionista on Nov. 1, quite possibly the final warm day of 2011. Beautiful weather in Iowa must be taken advantage of, because half of the year it is so cold outside it can be difficult to brave the cold temperatures, especially with bare legs.

This Fashionista was certainly embracing the warm weather. Clad in a printed mini skirt and loose, flowy top, she appeared colorfully chic. Most students on campus this day were not expecting such high temperatures, but clearly this Fashionista checked the weather forecast. Seeing her bright colors and bare legs was quite refreshing on a campus otherwise clad in much gloomier colors.

Tribal-inspired clothing was incredibly popular in Iowa City during this summer, and this trend has continued into the fall season. There are a multitude of ways to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe through the cooler months. For a skirt similar to this Fashionista’s, try this hot pink mini skirt, and pair it with black tights underneath to keep your legs warm. If you’re looking for an Aztec-inspired print a little more practical for the cooler months, try this oversized open cardigan.  It would look great with an army green jacket over it and would be incredibly easy to use as a layering piece in the cooler weather. If you’re particularly daring, try these tribal-inspired leggings.  They have a gray fleece lining to keep you extra cozy during the winter months. If a piece of clothing isn’t quite your taste, this trend can definitely be incorporated into your wardrobe through footwear or accessories.

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