In the world of fashion, innovation is key. It’s about taking fabrics that have existed for ages and sewing, draping, deconstructing or reconstructing them in a way that is new and exciting. For that reason often it’s not fabrics that become iconic, but rather the clothes that are made from them. However a particular method of cotton weaving that originated in the French city of Nimes gave rise to denim, one of the most iconic fabrics in fashion. Denim was originally created for men working in construction and mines due to its durability and ability to withstand the wear and tear of manual labour. However along with denim’s durability also came an incredible versatility. Classic denim jeans were worn by cowboys in the 1930s, teenage rebels in the 1950s, hippies in the 1970s and finally hit the high fashion runways with the backing of designers like Calvin Klein in the 1980s. With its colorful history and its ability to adapt to virtually any style, it’s no surprise that the denim trend perseveres season after season.

This week’s Fashionista is rocking the classic denim fabric, going all out with a modern head-to-toe denim look. While denim conventionally has been used for pants and jackets, this summer marks the re-emergence of the denim shirt trend. This addition of a front-tie to this Fashionista’s sleeveless denim button down adds just the right amount of chic playfulness to an otherwise strong fabric and structured silhouette. For a sweet and simple take on a denim shirt, this design from Miso is just right. For the Fashionistas who can't live without contrast, opt for this dip-dyed denim top from Forever 21. For the lovers of all things studded, this alternative from Pull & Bear is a must-have.

The denim on denim trend can be tricky to pull-off, but follow this Fashionista’s lead and you won’t go wrong. Although this Fashionista used only one fabric texture in her ensemble, she created a multi-tonal look by pairing light-wash denim with black denim. She even opted for a pair of TOMS with a stone-washed denim texture to tie her look together. Whatever hues of denim you choose, the key is contrast. Don’t be afraid to play with color by pairing a classic blue denim top with this summer’s colored jeans trend. Be bold and embrace the versatility that denim brings.

Denim is a fabric that has won a place in the hearts and in the closets of Fashionistas around the world. This summer show your love for one of the fashion industry's favourite fabrics by rocking a head-to-toe denim look.

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