The weather up here at Temple U. has been slowly warming up and the snow is finally starting to melt. It is my hope that we do not get any more snow because I have had enough! I am pretty sure I am not alone when I say “I want to wear a spring dress” or “I just want to wear shorts.” I have spotted a few Fashionistas sporting bare skin that agree with me. Most are pairing their bare legs with like skin-colored skirts and a high pair of boots. The Fashionista I ran into was wearing a bright pink jacket, complemented nicely with some stylish boots. For help in choosing the right bright jacket or boots please click to see my older blog post. When choosing the right skirt to wear, remember that colors that match your skin tone will elongate your figure. Appropriate to the season, I would keep skirts between the lower thigh and below the knee cap. Thus, I recommend checking out Polyvore’s line of skirts for inspiration, such as this light colored skirt. Since it is still winter (we have about a month left) you may want to look into getting skirts that are fully lined. Wool skirts have delightful patterns that allude to spring and are warm enough to wear with bare legs. Check in your mom’s closet, she just may have a few hanging around.

Hint: Be kind to the public and remember not to have bear legs, just bare legs! Go on, dare to go bare!


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