It’s Monday again and I am starting this week off with a bang! To be specific, I mean lots of accessories and a killer rugged outfit.  A perfect example is this Fashionista’s outfit which I can’t help but admit I am in love with. Her outfit is vintage and edgy which can be difficult to pull off, but with the help of the right accessories and shoes, it is not a problem at all.

So far this summer we have been graced with the presence of denim. People have once again started to embrace the beauty and versatility in the way denim looks. The fabric is sturdy and tougher than other material that makes it interesting to work with. It has the ability to dress down any outfit when needed but also add a kick to them as well. Like the denim-vest on this Fashionista, the faded denim helps ground the look. It is cute and perfect to throw over any outfit, even dressier clothes like the floral sheer top on this Fashionista. And like all great duos, denim is a cue for accessories. Bracelets, rings, watches, etc all give the outfit character so modesty is not an option when it comes to accessorizing.

Spice up your outfit with a similar look that you can get at Urban Outfitters. Like myself, Urban Outfitters is a fan of denim as well and a vintage vest like this is perfect for any season. You can also snatch this vest at Topshop that has a variety of denim ranging from faded to dark. As for accessories, you can never go wrong with silver rings and a chic turquoise or red ring is just the right pop of color. And just to complete the look, combat boots are agreeably the best default for shoes. After all these years, who knew denim could still look so good?

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