Many people are scared of bold colors and overwhelming prints. With patterns showcasing their ferocity on unsuspecting clothing items, it can be a lot to handle. “Me? Wear that? Nice joke” scoff the style stoppers. Well, look who’s laughing now. This fashionable female was wearing an ensemble made up of vibrant red pants, chocolate oxfords and wavy black locks juxtaposed against an intricately striped plum top and navy blazer. Fashionistas from Atlantic-Pacific, Kendi Everyday and Blushing Ambition fashion blogs are just a few icons that rock bold colors, subtle or valiant prints and daring detail on almost every ensemble. Want the look? You’re in luck.

Red skinny pants like the ones shown in this shot can be found on countless men and women around any college campus. Not only do they add some spice to a so-so outfit, but also they are versatile and casual. My favorite pair of colored denim comes from Urban Outfitters where you can find them in high or mid-rise. Either style is on trend! They stretch, but stay fit to your body long enough for those rushed walks to and from class. Who doesn’t love a cozy pair of jeans that add a pop of color? Whether burgundy, like I mentioned on a previous post of mine, blue or mustard yellow, these duds are definite show stoppers.

Furthermore, the hunt for a striped top is one of those tasks that almost seems too easy to attack. Always be sure the lengthening lines are going in the right direction. Vertical stripes can make curvy Fashionistas look wider than they actually are. Look for horizontal stripes to elongate your silhouette and keep the eye drawn upwards toward your smiling face or new hairstyle. Although the stripes rules are strict, the call on colors is anything but. Look for striped tops in hues from black and white to orange and pink. Any coupling is sure to impress your peers.

Prints are posh, colors are cool and combining the two is an unambiguous “do!”

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