1970s-inspired jeans have been revived by today's leading trendsetters. It seems the wider the leg the better and while most Fashionistas are gushing over this revival trend, today's Fashionista stays true to her tapered denim.

If you can't seem to embrace the vintage-inspired silhouette of the past, we completely understand. Denim is one of those things that you need to be full fledged in love with in order to feel comfortable and confident. Whether you are shaking things up with a new denim trend or staying loyal to your worn- in favorites, remember denim always wins. No matter how much we love dresses, maxi skirts and the feminine frills of being a lady, you can't beat the classic look of denim.

This week live, breathe and sleep in your denim. With finals on everyone's mind, your denim will be the thing that is surely A +.

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