Don't be fooled, people at Emory actually do pay attention to Fashion Week. Even though the college exists in a bubble that is not actually in the city of Atlanta, trends make it down here just as fast as they do at any other school! What's more, is that they're not at all hard to find. This Fashionista, for example, decided to take a casual stroll to the library as if she was walking some catwalk in New York City.

Her look is more than trendy- but a deeper look shows just how comfortable this outfit really is. The Fashionista wears a loose, cropped top, with cuffed denim leggings, a pair of rustic sandals, and she did not hold back with the accessories. The light wash "jeggings," however, seem to be what takes this look from trendy to high fashion. Cuffing them at the bottom was the perfect touch to make them wearable here in Atlanta, where the weather is showing no signs of autumn just yet.

J Brand has an amazing pair of jean leggings. The wash is a little darker than the pair this Fashionista is wearing, but it still gives that high fashion flair, all while being wearable to the library. If you're interested in buying a wallet-friendly pair of denim leggings, Guess has a good selection. These in particular are of a much lighter wash, and these have intricate detailing on the pockets that make the pants resemble actual jeans even more. And don't forget the final touch- make a large cuff at the bottom to show some skin!

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