STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Destination fabulous

While traveling almost always ends up being a wonderful experience; the packing, time change, and jet lag is not so great. My advice is to pack light, dress sharp, and be comfortable, much like this Fashionista did while awaiting her flight. When planning a trip overseas dress for the destination’s climate instead of the one you are departing from. This Fashionista will arrive appearing fresh and fashionable when stepping off the plane in the cooler European climate, instead of frazzled and instantly identified as “The American Tourist”.

Layers are the way to go so items can be added to or removed without changing everything when the weather changes. This Fashionista has the right idea with a sundress over leggings and boots, wrapped up in a cardigan. When layering, remember to dress in earth tones and neutrals, so all of the pieces will go together. To me, Franco Sarto, and boots are synonymous as I always gravitate toward his name when searching for a classic pair.

Once again, scarves add instant style and when purchased in solid colors like the pale blue donned by this Fashionista, they can be added to virtually every outfit. I particularly love the cardigan chosen as well, because of the flowy hem at the bottom and cropped sleeves, adding a sense of coziness and charm. J.Crew’s cashmere sweaters are a no brainer, but when on a budget and not looking to invest, Gap has several to choose from which won’t break the bank. During the school year you are bound to travel back and forth between home and campus, keep my tips in mind to maintain a fashion sense through it all. 

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