The temperature is in the negative digits and your debating whether to stay warm or look good. This age old question can be easily resolved: pile on the accessories! Invest in a warm black coat that you can pair with anything and then do so! This Fashionista is wearing a comfortable and chic black wrap-around sweater and jeans. Yet its her oversized bag and sunglasses, boots and winter accessories that make her look put-together but completely relaxed at the same time. Try hats and scarves in different, vibrant colors to make your outfit pop. I also love rain boots. There’s such a great collection of truly unique pairs that you can find in many different places. I love the Juicy ones, but Hunter makes some great basic ones as well. (I love the lace up booties!) And a great pair of sunglasses is never a bad investment – year round UV protection as well as a great insurance policy when you haven’t had time to put on some mascara, or got home late the night before. Don’t forget to check out oversized bags — they will never go out of style, not to mention that they are extremely useful for a college student and lugging around all those textbooks. So next time it snows, rains or the weather is generally bad, be comfortable and chic by loading up on the accessories.

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