STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Defining a Free Spirit

When I sit down to write a description of a Fashionista/o’s outfit, I often find it difficult to avoid overused terms and clichés such as “quirky” and “unique”. They’re safe words that somehow manage to summarize certain elements of a look that I can’t quite put into words any other way. That being said, when I refer to this particular Fashionista as a “free spirit,” it’s not just to take the easy way out. Her look fully embodies that of a free spirit, in more ways than one.

Personally, when I think of a “free spirit,” my mind automatically goes to the 1960s. With images of flower children floating through my mind, it makes perfect sense that this Fashionista’s comfortable sunflower print tank would give off that feeling. The print is bold, yet it comes across as laid-back and carefree. I love the idea of buying a simple, basic item in a loud print so that it easily becomes the focal point of the outfit. To try a similar type of sleeveless top, nothing can compare to a vintage or thrift store find. Thrift shops are just crawling with castaways from the 1990s and earlier, that are rarely used to their full potential.

In keeping with the “free spirit” theme, this Fashionista completely nails the '60s vibe, with her retro sunglasses and high-waisted shorts. From afar her shorts appear to be an acid wash, but upon closer inspection they are actually revealed to be pinstriped denim, an inspired choice. Every detail, especially her crocheted bag and brown leather flats, is a great find and took skill to put together in this way. I’m not sure if it’s just the palm trees in the background or what, but this look is one that I feel truly epitomizes Southern California style. Some of my friends in Illinois have asked how people in California dress compared to the Midwest, and I think this photo just about sums it up. This Fashionista’s look is daring and original, but undoubtedly relaxed. She not only defines my home's sense of style so well, but she also manages to universally define being a free spirit.


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