STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Ditch the Fitted Tops

For now, ditch the fitted tops. Bouffant pants and flowy tops are in! This new spring trend is taking over, and fast. This flattering outfit choice adds a girlie touch to any ensemble. I’ve always thought of flowy tops as the perfect day to night option. For example, you can pair one of these shirts with jean shorts for a more casual daytime look or you can opt for a pair of skinny jeans or a bandage skirt for an ideal nighttime outfit.

My favorite place to get flowy tops is Urban offers a wide variety of these types of dual-purpose tops that are perfect for the daytime/nighttime switch. From silk to sheer to cotton to lace, has a color, cut, and fabric for everyone and every outfit! My favorite top they are now offering is called the “MINKPINK For Pleats Sake Blouse”. This sheer flowy top is long enough to pair with leggings during the day and dressy enough to wear with a bandage skirt at night.

Another pro of owning and wearing a flowy top is that it cools you down no matter what you pair it with. Everyone hates being too hot in a shirt, but the loose-fitted nature of these types of tops allows for ample body breathing room. Sounds crazy, but this fit prevents one of everyone’s biggest fashion pet peeves: sweat marks.    

Today’s CollegeFashionista uses a flowy top to make her outfit more business casual. She combines a blush, flowy top with black detailing with black jeggings and black leather boots. By pairing this type of shirt with basic black bottoms the top is able to make a statement all on its own.

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