As a college student, we all know how it feels to at times be lacking in the sleep department. There’s always going to be those mornings that we wake from our slumber and temptation to press the “snooze” button. It just feels too nice to resist. Worry not fellow Fashionistas; there are some easy wardrobe solutions that get you out the door fast, while still looking fresh-faced and classy.

This Fashionista has put a modern and edgy twist on a look made famous by the unforgettable style icon, Audrey Hepburn. Black, mid-calf length leggings and simple black flats were the icon's signature trend, and here she has combined the trend with a beautiful white tunic and a form-fitting leather jacket. The tunic has a cute, floral pattern with a babydoll fit, which creates a great feminine silhouette. Her mid-waist leather jacket ties in just enough edginess without taking away from the rest of her feminine flare. By using a clean and classic palette like black and white, mixed with some simple yet timeless trends, this look is perfect for the mornings that time is of the essence and you still want to look cute for a day full of classes.

Hint: Since spring is right around the corner, mix up the black and white a little and try some colorful leggings or flats. You’ll still be ready to go in a flash and uphold the essence of Audrey.

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