Everyone seems to know that boots are a definite must-have of this season’s winter attire. As a smart choice for this season’s cold weather and a must-have item throughout the year.  Though boots are a go-to item for Fashionistas it can be a challenge to stand out from the rest, especially when so many boots look similar. To set yourself apart, take note from this Fashionista’s outfit that seems to exude the idea of winter wonderland.

This Fashionista stood out to me with her overall look, but I was most drawn to her fabulous leg warmers. Shock. Leg warmers? Yes, it’s true, leg warmers are back and they aren’t just for your favorite 80’s aerobics instructors, they have made a comeback over the years in a huge way. Not only can leg warmers provide you with some extra layering this winter, but also they can be the perfect accessories to any boot by simply pulling them up or folding them over the boot of your choice. Fashionista’s everywhere are modeling this look, and it is an easy way to add some flair to your winter gear.

The leg warmers on this Fashionista are a cream cable knit, though several other colors are available at stores like American Apparel. Long trouser socks can also be an alternative to this look when worn under boots. Her leg warmers paired perfectly with heather grey spandex from Lululemon and cozy knit winter vest. She completed her look with a scarf and one of my favorites, a knit chapo.

With an ensemble that looked perfectly cozy and truly desirable, this Fashionista stood out among the rest with the little touches, and especially with the leg warmers. Whether you are wearing flats and jeans or boots and leggings, leg warmers can do any outfit right. Take note from Jane Fonda and don’t be afraid to let your inner-80’s persona shine.


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