STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Don’t Let it Rain on Your Parade

After weeks of steady sunshine and unbearable heat, a heavy rainstorm was certainly well received here in Iowa City.  Yes, it was our first home football game, but the students and the city was not about to let a little crummy weather tarnish their spirits.  The tailgating ensued, despite the weather, and the streets were flooded with black and gold and beer that’s cold.

Rainy weather typically gives us a good excuse to lie around in our sweatpants all day, making hot chocolate and watching movies on the couch.  However, on this particular Saturday, the thunder and lightning was not about to ruin my to-do list.  Sure, it would’ve felt great to stay in my bed all day, and hot chocolate did sound delicious, but I had places to go, people to see, and Fashionistas to spot.

I ran into this Fashionista on my way to the Farmer’s Market, donning an adorable mustard yellow skirt and a striped pullover sweater.  A great combination of comfy and cute- perfect for a rainy day.  On her feet, she wore a pair of gray Hunter rain boots, an essential item for any rainy season, with red, knee-length socks peeking out.  With her mostly neutral outfit, she needed a little pop of color.  Enter, cherry red, cross-body bag, a must-have for the upcoming autumn months.  And to top the outfit off, she toted a paisley umbrella to keep her golden locks dry.

Summer is ending, sadly, and a change in seasons can be a little dangerous on your wardrobe.  With the beautiful colors of fall, along comes a good downpour or two… or ten.  The next autumn rainstorm doesn’t have to be a style-stealer.  Instead, turn heads (and umbrellas) in a rain appropriate, but fashionable outfit.  Don’t let yucky weather wash out your cool factor, and certainly don’t let it rain on your parade.


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