When you think of spring time, I’m sure certain words such as “new”, “rebirth”, “color”, and “life” come to mind. This time of year marks that point where embracing bold fashion choices is just about as natural as the new leaves blooming on the trees. Dare to make a statement with some funky patterns that resonate perfectly with the new life this season brings.

This Fashionista really brings her A-game to the table with some fearless fashion choices that I’m sure have been turning heads all day long. Her mod-shaped dress, with an collage of fun and bright patterns is the focus of her ensemble, and is definitely one of the most prominent pieces of fashion I have seen on campus so far this semester. To slightly downplay the vivacity of the dress, she wears a simple white cardigan over, that adds some variation to her look while still accentuating the colorful patterns. She then switches to some casual edge below the waist, wearing black tights with black army boots. This unlikely trend has been popping up everywhere now that the temperatures are increasing and the shorts and skirts are finally making an appearance. To polish off her look, she throws on some fun beaded bracelets and a pair of long peacock feather earrings. The combination of funky mod, flirty and feminine, and edgy casual are what give this Fashionista a style all her own. What makes her look so versatile is that it can be achieved while saving change at the local thrift store, or dropping some serious cash at a high-end boutique.

Hint: If you’re not looking for such a boldly patterned frock, try this dress from It will still have as much impact but with some slightly more subtle color choices.

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