STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Don’t Tell Me What to Do

Like most of you I'd imagine, when I go into a book store, in this case Barnes & Noble, one of the first places I stop is the magazine stand to see what's being talked about in my favorite magazines. Well, I'm currently in Barns & Noble as we speak and, yeah you guessed it,  I just left the magazine stand. I did Michael Jackson and Diana Ross and headed right on down the road past Vogue and rested my weary eyes upon i-D magazine's 30th anniversary issue. My prayers were answered. If you don't have that issue you need to get it, asap!

Hair is just as much a part of fashion as clothes. And if you don't believe me ask Charlie Le Mindu, he'll tell you. The bigger the hair or unique the color, the better. Hair is like an accessories, it can make you outfit or break it. Grey hair is personally my most favorite color of hair. In recent years it has gained popularity, sported by models for Proenza Schouler and by blogger Tavi Gevinson. The spectrum of grey, as with all colors, is quite vast so experimentation is the key. Another way to had variety to your wardrobe and add a new look to you clothes is to just simply destroy them. Ripe the sleeves off, shread a shirt, slit some jeans, just do anything. Celebrate the beauty of deconstruction. With her gray/white-ish hair sleeves shirt vest, and skull bag this lovely lady is a prime example of how to look good in everything I mentioned above. wurk!

I'm sure you all watched the VMA's, and I'm also sure you couldn't help but take note of all the different hair styles and also colors of hair. Experiment with your hair this week, you just may love it. And try a new color for a new season. I know I am!

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