As the autumn days are continuously cooling off, campus is full of Fashionistas with layered outfits. This is my favorite aspect of the fall season since each and every layer of an outfit can reveal a new look, one for walking across campus in the cold weather and another layer for studying in the library. One of the best items for fall layering is the down vest; paired with anything from a quarter length shirt to a heavy knit sweater the down vest is the perfect outer layer for cool days. 

This week's Fashionista was spotted in an orange puffer vest that worked perfectly over her mustard Jackie cardigan from J.Crew. Dark skinny jeans under brown leather boots add to the layered look, all topped off with a warm, color coordinated scarf. The vest gives the fashionable outerwear effect that I mentioned last week, in tandem with the other elements of her outfit. This sleeveless jacket allows one to combine a variety of colors or add a patterned top that can still be seen with the vest on. Also, this Fashionista's choice of color for the vest is one of my year-round favorites, especially appropriate for the fall. Orange brings a subtle warmth into an outfit and works very well with other hues, as seen in this Fashionista's autumnal colored outfit. 

If you are new to the vest-inspired look and want to create your own, start with a basic color that you can pair with most outfits, such as the J.Crew Excursion quilted vest in dark navy or warm bisque. Layer your vest over a shirt or sweater (depending on the weather), and finish your outfit off with either skinny jeans or a pair of leggings and your favorite fall boots. The best thing about vests is that they can be the final layer over any outfit, even if you're headed to the gym! Try a fun color like this puffer vest that comes in a variety of colors, even orange like this week's Fashionista's. If you want to try a vest that speaks more for itself, check out this two-tone hooded vest or Michael Kors' metallic silver puffer vest. Even layer your vest over your zip up and yoga pants on the way to and from the gym. Try a vest this season to bump your outerwear collection up to the next level!

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