As a dreamer I have always loved dream catchers and what they have stood for. Every Fashionista is a dreamer, whether it is dreaming of a profession or a must-have item to add to their already fabulous wardrobe. Needless to say dream catchers are now making a fashion statement. Right when I spotted this Fashionista wearing a dream catcher on such a gloomy day in Chicago, my day was instantly brightened. I love fun graphics on big, comfy sweater and the pastel colors brought a whole new look to the rustic item.

Everyone has dreams they want to come true. Dream catchers have that certain hippie vibe that everything will be okay. Nicole Miller made her own dream catcher-inspired pattern. This dress is very versatile and fun. This necklace is a great accessory and excellent way to add a dream catcher into your outfit without overdoing it. It is simple, yet makes a statement. This Fashionista’s shoes were also eye-catching. The studs took the classic moccasins to a whole new level. These moccasins by KORS MIchael Kors are amazing. This Fashionista took a rainy day in Chicago and made it sunny.

Dream catchers are able to add a positive vibe to anyway day and outfit. So what are you dreaming for today, Fashionista?

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