STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Dress for the Weather

Week by week, Chicago’s weather has been gradually getting warmer and then randomly becoming cooler again. I often see weather-confused students walking around campus because of this. My style advice this week: look up the weather before getting dressed, and dress appropriately for the weather. There are too many times when I see outfits that do not make sense with the weather forecast. I am all for individuality and creativity, but I think practicality should also play a role in one's outfit choice, especially if you are commuting to school.

This Fashionista was found walking to class, and serves as a great example of how to style an outfit for the appropriate temperature. If you are really that eager to bring out your favorite summer items, maybe meet in the middle and mix a summer item with spring pieces like she did. Rather wearing the item as you would in the summer, complete the look with items that make sense with the current weather. When I saw this Fashionista, it was a chilly yet sunny kind of day. She wore her summer dress but still kept her outfit practical by wearing the dress with tights, boots and a denim jacket. All of these items were appropriate for the weather that day.

You should also consider the season in which you are dressing for when getting ready in the morning. When it is March and only fifty-sixty degrees outside, it should not be your cue to wear sandals. Instead, embrace the season and opt for flats or oxfords, a shoe that is more appropriate during spring weather. Instead of wearing a heavy jacket during this drastic temperature change, maybe wear something lighter like a denim or leather jacket. Next time you leave for class, don't forget to check the weather forecast!

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