Winter has finally hit Boston. It’s freezing and windy, all the busses are crammed so you have to walk everywhere and getting dressed in the morning has proven to be quite the feat. Sometimes it’s difficult to let your Fashionista/o shine through in these conditions. Like when your face feels like it’s getting frostbite or when with each step you take you’re praying that you don’t step on a patch of hidden ice that will lay you out in front of everyone on Comm Ave. So, this is the solution I’ve come up with in terms of making your outfit cute, but perfect for the grueling weather: get an adorable winter coat, preferably one with a hood and some fur.

This Fashionista caught my eye because of the bright color of her pants. She sticks to a simple color, but adds a little excitement by wearing her red pants. Her sunglasses are a definite must for the bitter cold, as you need something blocking your eyes from the wind. Her adorable little purse (with a notebook sticking out) proves that just because you’re going to class doesn’t mean you must wear a hunky backpack  or some super large handbag. All you need is anything that’ll fit the necessities for your class. Her brown boots, which are a classic and crucial part of anyone’s wardrobe, match everything and therefore draw the colors from her hood.

The coat she sports is especially interesting because of its double hood and the fact that it actually looks a bit like a trench coat. Fur (real or fake) is a great addition to your coat or jacket because it adds warmth as well as makes the coat more enticing to look at. If you like this look, you should check out this similar one in black. If you’re not too keen on the fur though, try this one. The way the hood surrounds her face demonstrates how a little fur can totally warm you up. Another appealing aspect of this coat is the fact that it looks warm, but it doesn’t look like you’re wearing your comforter. A lot of parkas tend to make you look extra poofy, but this one does a great job of staying away from that. Another great parka alternative is this pretty North Face which you can choose in a selection of colors, as well as this one from Karmaloop. Keep in mind that a good coat is always a great investment because it can last you forever. If you truly want to go all out this coat, made with all sorts of insulation, is the way to go.

Stay warm this winter and look trendy strutting the streets of campus in big fur lined coats.


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