STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Dresses are Blank Slates

Nothing can make you feel more feminine than a dress: the way it flows, twirling around to see how the skirt swooshes and showing off your fabulous legs! Dresses can be a blank canvas to play with. When I buy one, I think of all the different ways I could style it so my friends won’t notice I was wearing the same dress last week. For example, I have three weddings to go to in the next few months. I chose one simple but well-fitted BCBG dress I could use for all three occasions. For one wedding, I intend to go for a retro look, so I’ll add a brooch and red lipstick and for another, I will try a rocker look, so that I’ll be sporting a faux leather jacket and killer heels.

I had to interrupt this girl from enjoying her frozen yogurt. Her pastel green dress from Martin + Osa (sadly, this brand went out of business last year but its owner, American Eagle has a similar style) instantaneously caught my eye. I loved the white ribbon breaking up the color to emphasize the waist. It added an extra amount of sweetness with the pleats in front and the almost bubble-like hem. I loved that this girl made the dress the star of her ensemble by pairing it with an heirloom watch and pink flats from LA’s Fashion District. I admired how this fashionista thought of pairing her green dress with pink flats. Unexpected color pairings make me smile.

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