STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Drinking from the Desert

When I say camel, please don't think of the Egyptian animal that hobbles slowly around the desert, eating cactus and drinking as much water as possible. Let your imagination run – think soft, beautiful fabrics made into thick jackets, sleek slacks and last but not least, soft buttery purses. Camel is the color to wear this fall, and this Fashionista got a head start with her camel-colored purse. You may or may not have been scouring the fashion shows as I was, but if you were you'd notice an overwhelming camel and soft sands pallet. 

As seen during this season of Project Runway, a team of six tried for a menswear look in camel. Sadly, they failed and lost to army and lace. But, the irony is that one of the judges, Micheal Kors, and his Fall Ready to Wear 2010 line is one of the best representations of how to wear camel in the fall. 

Now you don't have to wear an outfit in entirely camel, but there are some accessory alternatives to this overwhelming fall fashion trend.

This sweater might be a for a little girl, but its a darker camel, and I can't help but love a sequin. Pair this with a dark jean, army boots and a nice camisole and you've got yourself a trendy fall outfit. 

Now clogs might have been a spring 2010 trend, but who says shoes can't be year-round? This clog in a lovely soft camel, can be accented by a pair of darker socks or patterned tights! 

Hint: Camel is an easy color to coordinate. Take advice from this college Fashionista and pair it with two more solid colors. Too many patterns can make camel less soft and sexy, and more brown and busy. 

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