This week is Homecoming at Duke! Student pride is visible all across campus in the form of T-shirts, sweatshirts, school colors, and in the case of this Fashionisto, croakies and a pair of Blue Devil flip-flops. I love his yellow button up shirt and light colored shorts, they read casual, laidback cool when paired with his Duke croakies, black ray-bans, and his blue and white striped flip-flops. Sometimes school spirit can hit you over the head with block lettering, face paint, and obnoxious shirts. I like the subtle pride espoused by this Fashionisto, his croakies and flip flops say "Duke", they don't scream it. You can get a similar look by visiting your local campus store, just make sure you're not wearing head to toe school colors (unless of course you are the team mascot). School spirit can be shown in many ways: cheering at football games, attending campus concerts, sticking a bumper sticker on your car, and of course, wearing your school colors.

So this week for Homecoming support your school, Go Duke!

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