STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Dumpster Diving Diva

These past few days have epitomized the Indian summer, and many of my fellow Barnard ladies have embraced the heat with open arms — and bare legs. I spotted this Fashionista studying out-of-doors, while soaking up a healthy dosage of vitamin C. Her multi-layered look is perfect for balmy mornings and more temperate afternoons. While her limbs are exposed, her tights deem her outfit seasonally suitable.

What I admire most about this ensemble is its multi-dimensionality. Yet, I’ll admit, the bright tones of her t-shirt reeled me in. This bright shirt instantly sets this Fashionista apart; likewise, the design is all at once mesmerizing and confusing. Clearly this student is well-versed in the art of vintage shopping: she purchased this playful top at a discount store in our Upper West Side neighborhood. Beneath her t-shirt she sports a Donna Karen plain black slip dress, the perfect layering base. Her opaque, barely-there American Apparel tights are fall forward as they lightly cover her limbs.

This Fashionista spices up the basal elements of her ensemble with a Current Elliot denim vestlet and vintage accessories. Her bottle cap necklace and oversized aviators were purchased at the Fairside Flea Market in LA, and the whistle pendant is from a vintage shop in Salt Lake City. She accentuates the powerful, feminine edge of her look with leather combat boots from an Army surplus store.

This fearless Fashionista is not afraid to dumpster dive! Delving into the treasure troves of vintage stores, flea markets and surplus shops, she finds original, standout pieces for modest prices. By pairing a minimal selection of designer garments with bargain bounty, this stylish student is college-budget friendly and altogether unique. So instead of crawling back to that one overpriced store that you know all too well, conjure up some courage and go exploring. If you are in the city, there are several flea markets that are chock full of distinctive pieces. If you are in a less-than-metropolitan metropolis, get creative! Head to your nearest Salvation Army, and, with a good eye and a lot of patience, you'll emerge with several stand-out pieces. 

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