This year has been all about the ombre. It has been spotted in both the beauty department (cool hair-style and manicure) and on the backs of free-spirited college students everywhere. Dip-dyed looks scream summer to me. It is the essence of laid-back, backyard summer chic and it's a look that any girl can attain.

Summer camp tie-dye gets a makeover through updated styles. A tie-dyed tee-shirt is now updated into a cool tank dress perfect for any day at the beach or afternoon in the sun. Another way to update is with a chic maxi using darker dye creating a much more grown-up style. A tank in comfortable cotton is a perfect and easy wardrobe addition. A headscarf is an easy way to add tie-dye into your style and works for fashion as well as function in the hot summer heat. This interesting jumpsuit shifts away from the typical tie-dye by combining both sheer and ombre inspiration. 

Ombre shorts have been a big trend lately. The best thing about them is that while they can be purchased, there are many DIY websites out where crafty Fashionistas can create a pair all their own. All you need is a pair of well worn Levi's that can be purchased from Goodwill and a little time and the look is all yours. 

This Fashionista rocked a cool pair of dip-dyed colorful shorts with a simple white T-shirt. She added some fun accessories to keep the look interesting and personal.

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