How is it that there are some accessories that are quirky without being trendy, fashionable without being in-your-face chic and essentially timeless? I call these pieces miracles and they are a fashion investments that are sure to earn dividends over time. Take earmuffs for example — you might not see a four page spread in Vogue about this winter wear anytime soon, but you’ll always notice when someone on the street wears them well.

Take this week’s Fashionista and her stylish ‘muffs as an example. This Fashionista keeps her outfit simple but chic with a heather gray coat, tights and brown boots, letting her patterned earmuffs do all the talking. As earmuffs are a classic accessory, like the pocket square, a strand of pearls or a monocle (well, maybe not that old fashioned), they add a hint of chic to any neutral outfit.

But who says you have to follow the traditional fashion rules and be classic and successful? If you’re looking for some edgier earwear to keep you cozy this winter, you’re in luck. Take direction from this winter’s faux fur fascination and sport a pair of oversized fuzzy ‘muffs from Urban Outfitters with a leather jacket. For those who staunchly refuse to fade into winter’s neutral palette, slip your lobes into some knitted neon earmuffs from Etsy.

No matter which earmuff you choose, or how you choose to wear it, take comfort in the fact that it is a staple accessory that will continue to set you apart, blizzard after blizzard. It’s the sartorial equivalent of having a pet iguana. So with that understanding in mind, I send you forth to warm your ears in style. Fashion warriors: boldly take the earmuff where it has never gone before

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