I was leaving Weldon library when I spotted this Fashionisto looking put together and on trend. His structured peacoat, fashionable book bag and neatly tucked scarf gave off the essence of a studious undergrad. The look was all tied together with an expertly coordinated earth tone colour scheme.

Earth toned doesn’t have to equate hippy. Follow this Fashionisto’s lead for a modern and trendy take on an earth tone look. Match grey pants with an olive green jacket to set the base for your look. This Fashionisto then coordinated his boots with his satchel in a sandy brown colour to add a pop of brightness to the outfit. Finally, his navy toque was fashionably positioned on the back of his head to show off his styled locks.

With an earth tone look you can easily pair brown, black, grey, navy and dark green without fear of clashing. By keeping the tones muted and well, earthy, they work harmoniously in the outfit. Like this Fashionisto, choose one aspect of your outfit to pop with a lighter shade. Try a light grey scarf and gloves paired against darker green and brown items.

Fashionista’s can benefit from an earth tone outfit to look scholarly as well. Since coloured pants are a huge trend right now, make an earth toned version by opting for chestnut coloured trousers. Pair your bottoms with a cream or navy top, and don’t be shy with grey and forest green accessories!

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